Welcome to The Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel Dyeing!

New! Easy! Fun! The Wooly Mason Jar Way!

Using only 3 Pro Chemical acid dyes warm primaries (plus a little brown, black and grey) we go back to basics in this simple painterly style of color wheel dyeing. You can learn the color wheel while dyeing and create your own beautiful palette which you will understand and be able to reproduce each of the of the 172 color swatch samples in just 5 minutes using microwave or a little longer on the stove! Pretty much foolproof!

No book! No math! No fancy pots, no fancy spoons, just use you mason jars along. I believe in using what you have! I found an easier way of measuring dyes and now weigh my dyes with a small jewellers gram scale which is so simple and accurate!

Dye your own Wool Fabric, Yarn or Fleece using the exact same way using 8 value color swatch cards!



Need only one value of 1 swatch (strip or 10g) then go to your card pick it out then grab your mason jar add your liquid solution and water ( ...no need to measure any water here) pop it in the microwave and 5 minutes later your swatch is done and in the value you need. Yarn is done easily by Weight. 

Need 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 yds ...same card, same solution...easy peasy and I did all the math! Fool proof, fun and addicting!

Easy as telling time with my Color Wheel Clock method of learning. You will learn how going back to the basic color wheel is the way to go. Simplify! Go simple with me! 

Dorr Wool Flannel and Wool Jersey or Sexy Jersey from Deanne Fitzpatrick's dyes up in the jars all the same way using the exact same card. One card works on fleece, yarn, wool fabrics! Same way each and every time!


 The Wooly Mason Jar MAJIC PALETTE! 

The perfect accompaniment for your Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel System!

We will have a Canadian dye! 

I will include a color schemer on the back of every card for that Color! Never ask "What Color goes this Color?" again!
We will use an easy gram dye scale for measuring our dry dye! The most accurate method!
We will use only Primaries again! These dyes will easily mix with your existing acid dyes!
We will use large syringes for making out jars as we dye!
Check the Majic Palette page here
Created by Lucy Richard