Color Wheel prices.

Prices for The Wooly Mason Jar Dye System.


Option 1 (Cards Only)

  The Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel hand laminated
 "playing cards" only includes:

Laminated cover instruction card.12 - 8 value color wheel recipe cards 

12 - tones and shades sample cards

2 - 8 value cards of charcoal grey and chestnut brown

2 - conversion sleeves which allow you to dye up to 1/2 yard.

Card Set only

 $110.00 tax included plus postage   


Use your kitchen scale is used for weighing wool amounts.

Option 2 Mega Kit

Option 2

WMJ Mega Kit 2 (Stainless Steel ladles) 

Includes: Cards, dye sets, gram scale and weight boats and Stainless Steel ladles.

What a great gift this would make!

$199.00 tax included plus shipping. 


All cards are printed, laminated and put together by me which is time consuming so I take orders and fill them as I go. This is the therapy I need for my wool addiction. So please be patient. Thanks for having a look. Please contact me with any questions.

Updated Mar/2018

Stainless Steel Ladles

Stainless Steel Long Handled Ladles

Perfect accompaniment to your jars!

These 1/8,1/4,1/2, 1tsp, 1 TBSP

measures make liquid formula measuring so easy! 

They dip straight down into the formula jar.

You don’t need them but you will LOVE  them!

These will last a lifetime!

36.00 ea  

Pr Chem Warm Primaries only

WOOLY MASON JAR  6 Dye Kit 20 g jars plus citric acid.

WF Acid Dye Kits by ProChem  includes:

1-Bright Red        1-Golden Yellow

1-National Blue    1-Chestnut brown,

1-Charcoal Grey   1-Jet Black    

46.00 ea 

Jewellers Gram Scale

Jewellers gram scale

21.00 Plastic weigh boats included

May not be be exactly as shown but they all work the same way.

You may buy these through Amazon and Wal-Mart as well make sure they measure .01g when you buy.

Paderno Pinch, dash and smidgen spoons no longer used I now use the Dye weighing gram scale 21.00 weigh boats included

Please note the spoon are out and replaced by the more accurate scales. If you have this set of cards they work with the scale now. 1g Primary dye powder plus .1g Chestnut Brown per 1 cup of boiling water.

You will love the ease of weighting dye!

Cool Expansion 1




Easy to use 2 oz syringes with nice long tips for measuring primaries. 

Not necessary but fun!

$4 ea

Printed and laminated WMJ Color Wheel Clock


Custom printed 9 x 11 in color wheel clock that follows our dye system clock method. This little helpers reminds you to practise using your Color Wheel Clock! 

The back includes color schemer reference and grayscale chart. 

Great for on the wall, desk or counter! Spill will wipe worries!

$12.00 each

If not included with your order please order 

seprately on Etsy. Click here.

Using gram scale

 I am showing how I make 2 cups of One of my Primary stock formulas. These primary formulas are the backbone of My Color Wheel Dye Sytem. Having these accurate will ensure best possible Color matching. I hope this help you see how easy that part is. Nothing to be afraid of here.

Majic Palette colorways

 Majic Palette (ADVANCED)

Once you have easily mastered the original Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel dyeing you can easily move on to this Majic Carpet Palette dyeing system.

We will use 5 Primaries in the same way making 4 complete palettes following our Wooly Mason Jar Clock system.

You will work out of the Primary solutions 5 jars...and 29 Color cards which include 8 values plus 4 sample of shades on each plus a 12 value skin tones card. That is 360 colors!

Complete set of 29 cards 


Dyes not included

Please order from Wanda Kerr 

Dyes needed are 


Red Violet




Chocolate Brown.      


Majic Palette Color Schemer backs

Majic Palette card backs has its own Color Schemer following Color wheel principals! 

Majic Carpet dyes  needed.


Red Violet.               




Chocolate Brown.      


Please order from Wanda Kerr at link below.

Also available at 

I also suggest you buy the whole set because they are a beautiful addition to your dye supplies.

Yarn conversion card full skein

Yarn skein conversion card.