Please note! The Wooly Mason Jar (Lucy) and Wooly Soul Strings (my daughter Stacy) have combined forces to help you! Thank you Stacy for rescuing me as this old girl was working too hard!

Please note! The Wooly Mason Jar (Lucy) and Wooly Soul Strings (my daughter Stacy) have combined forces to help you! Thank you Stacy for rescuing me as this old girl was working too hard!


Advanced Majic Palette

Advanced Majic Palette soon to be discontinued...


If you have the original Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel Dye System and want more....This is the next step you are ready for. You already have the scale and ladles!

 I call this advanced because we work out of Primary Jars only and need to know a bit about Color Wheel color mixing. If you have painting or art experience you will be fine starting as advanced.

My aim is to not frustrate the newbies. I am always available for advice.

Once you have easily master the original Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel dyeing you can easily move on to this Majic Carpet Palette dyeing system.

We will use 5 Primaries in the same way making 4 complete palettes following our Wooly Mason Jar Clock system.

You will work out of the Primary solutions 5 jars...and 29 Color cards which include 8 values plus 4 sample of shades on each! Plus 1 12 value Skin Tone card.

Complete set of 29 cards 

219.00 cards only (taxes included) That is 360 swatch colors! 

Please note a jewellers gram .01g scale is needed to weigh dyes.

You may purchase from me or Amazon, Walmart etc. 


Majic Palette


MAJIC PALETTE - 4 Palettes made with 5 dyes only! Using The Wooly Mason Jar color wheel dyeing system! 
ONLY 5 JARS! 29 (12 swatch samples per card) CARDS!

 $219.00 plus shipping

 These 4 palettes you see above were created using 5 Primary Colors! Using the same easy color wheel dyeing technique as the original but changing up the red to red violet and the blue to turquoise....Presto! 

4 complete palettes using 5 Primary dyes.

 The above 29 card set includes all the swatch cards for 4 complete 3 Primary Color palettes! And they all follow the same Color Wheel Clock system! If you own the first set your will be pleased how easy it is and can then moved from your 12 jars to only the primary jars as here.

Majic Palette colors needed.

Colors needed for Majic Palette are Red, Red Violet, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise, Chocolate Brown and Black. 


A little note from Wanda at WandaWorks and Majic Carpet Dyes

As you know we are in the very slow motion of changing two of our dyes. Everyone’s good plans have had a few hard left/ right turns or stoppages this year. 

Due to the Pandemic we have not changed our Red dye yet and will not change this colour until all of the international turmoil settles down.  

The good news is:  We have ample supplies of our Red dye on hand for a year of heavy ordering. It is the only Red colour we are making right now.

It is the Red you’ll see listed on my website for sale and it is the one Lucy based her system on.

Turquoise, as listed on our site is the classic or old turquoise. So you can feel safe in knowing if you order Turquoise it is the former Turquoise Lucy has used in her system. I like to call these eventually changing colours our classics.

Our new turquoise is called always called Turquoise 2020. It is not listed for sale in our dye sets yet as we also have ample supplies of classic or old Turquoise to go through before the change is complete. 

You can buy a kit with 30grams of Turquoise 2020 and a booklet that tells you how to make the Turquoise 2020 look like the Old Turquoise and has many beautiful formulas to use it and samples of what it looks like with every other Majic Carpet dye. This kit is the only way to order the new Turquoise 2020 right now.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion caused by this strange time and work interrupted.  

As Lucy notes, buying my whole dye kit allows you to use both my system and Lucy’s, a double barrel of happy colouring in your projects.

Happy Dyeing, Wanda, home of The Majic Carpet dyes where all good colourists come to play.


Jewellers gram scale


Jewellers gram scale

26.00 Plastic weigh boats included

May not be be exactly as shown but they all work the same way.

You may buy these through Amazon and Wal-Mart as well make sure they measure .01g when you buy.

Paderno Pinch, dash and smidgen spoons no longer used I now use the Dye weighing gram scale 23.00 weigh boats included 

Please note the spoon are out and replaced by the more accurate scales. If you have this set of cards they work with the scale now. 1g Primary dye powder plus .1g Chestnut Brown per 1 cup of boiling water.

You will love the ease of weighting dye!

Please email me for purchase of this product. Thanks

Stainless Steel ladles

Stainless Steel Measuring Ladles

 These 1/8,1/4,1/2, 1tsp, 1 TBSP 

measures make liquid formula measuring so easy! 

They dip straight down into the formula jar. 

You don’t need them but you will LOVE  them!

These will last a lifetime!

48.00 ea  

Lucy Richard
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