Advanced Majic Palette

If you have the original Wooly Mason Jar Color Wheel Dye System and want more....This is the next step you are ready for. You already have the scale and ladles!

 I call this advanced because we work out of Primary Jars only and need to know a bit about Color Wheel color mixing. If you have painting or art experience you will be fine starting as advanced.

My aim is to not frustrate the newbies. I am always available for advice.


MAJIC PALETTE - 4 Palettes made with 5 dyes only! Using The Wooly Mason Jar color wheel dyeing system! 
ONLY 5 JARS! 29 (12 swatch samples per card) CARDS! 

 These 4 palettes you see above were created using 5 Primary Colors! Using the same easy color wheel dyeing technique as the original but changing up the red to red violet and the blue to turquoise....Presto! 

 The above 29 card set includes all the swatch cards for 4 complete 3 Primary Color palettes! And they all follow the same Color Wheel Clock system! If you own the first set your will be pleased how easy it is and can then moved from your 12 jars to only the primary jars as here.

Created by Lucy Richard